Lune's Little Hippie Dolls

Hello friends! Today, I'm so happy to bring you another Lune Craft. This pair of happy little flower children dance to the beat of their own drum, and will sway their way into your heart. To create your own miniature Sonny and Cher, all you need is some embroidery floss, a few seed beads, and a little time. 

For more details on how to make your own Lune Little Hippie Dolls, click to read this full article.

The supply list to make a tassel doll from embroidery floss is very short. You'll need cotton embroidery floss (3 same or similar colors, and one complimentary color for the hair), a bit of accent floss for the headband and waistband, seed beads, string or craft wire, sharp scissors, and a comb.

Step One: Gather your three skeins of matching colored embroidery floss and open the loop to form an O. Open the single skein of floss (hair) and do the same. Lay opposite as shown below and tie together as tightly as possible with a length of floss, knotting several times.

Step Two : Carefully brush out the floss strands, separating the twist of the floss (each strand has 6 tiny threads twisted together). This will give you a fuller tassel to work with. Cut the bottom of the group of threads evenly, disposing of the looping bottoms and tangles.

Step Three: Here's where your tassel doll begins to take shape. 

Neck: Using pieces of floss in the same color as the body, tie a neck by looping the floss around and knotting at the back of the doll. 

Arms: Separate a section of floss on either side of the doll which will become arms. To give your boy doll stronger shoulders, tie knots closer to the neckline. For a more feminine shoulder, tie knots a little further down the arm. 

Bell bottoms: For bell bottom pants, tie a waist and separate the tassel into two sections. Braid to the "knee" and tie securely with a complimentary length of floss. Brush out the flare and trim evenly.

Hair: Find the part in the hair and brush into place. Secure locks with a headband made from an accent color of floss by wrapping twice across the "forehead" and knotting in the back of the head. Trim the hair a bit - but keep it long and beautiful, just like hippies like it!

Lastly : Give your hippie some personality with accessories like long or short love beads made from strands of tiny glass seed beads. My boy hippie has a short copper necklace made with craft wire which has been strung with beads and twisted closed at the back of his neck. My girl has a more flowing long strand which is strung on beading floss and tied into her neck string at the back. Some more ideas might include tiny round wire Lennon glasses, daisy chains made of beads or french knots, and a head full of braids or flowers. 

I had so much fun creating this tutorial for Lune. I hope you have a chance to try it out. As always, please email, tweet or instagram your creations to me (@lunevintage , so I can share them with other Lune readers. The biggest reward I can get from spending hours creating these tutorials is seeing how others interpret them. Besides, my little hippies are looking to start a colony with other like minded flower children. Get in touch man!

Peace, Lune.