Rings in your Hair

I wanted to share a little style trick for using your rings in a new way. I have quite a few beautiful vintage rings that I purchased while pregnant last year, when my fingers were much chubbier. Now they're too big to wear, so I tried them out in my hair.

Here are a few tricks:

1. Braid or tie your hair with a thin rubber band (the ones used for styling) that matches your hair color. Use a length of wire or string to feed the hair through the ring by folding it in half around the hair and pulling the loose ends through the ring.

2. Position the ring to face the correct direction. Take a strand of hair from the braid, and loop over and through the back of the ring. Secure it with another braid which blends with your hair color. There will now be a rubber band above the ring and one under it.

3. Pull the loose ends to snug up the end of the braid or ponytail. Your ring should be nice and secure, ready to wear all day long.

I hope this idea will give you a way to be a bit adventurous with a basic fishtail braid or partial tie up. In case you were wondering, pretty velvet bell sleeved mini dress I'm wearing in these photos is from my friend Elsie's Fall 2011 collection for Red Velvet, and you can see it here.