A Silk Scarf Furoshiki

This time of year, we're all thinking about gifting. Imagine all that wrapping paper, all those gift bags, all that waste. Furoshiki, a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, is a beautiful way to present your gifts and avoid waste. Pretty fabric scraps and thrifted scarves work perfectly for this technique. Here's how we're packaging our Dreamdance Ornaments for this season.

First, find a square scarf (or fold down the long side of a rectangle to create a square) and fold it into a manageable size. I folded this one in half twice, which makes it more opaque and small enough to fold cleanly. I wrapped my package in one sheet of recycled tissue, but this isn't a necessary step.

Grab opposite corners and tie one snug knot, then grab the other opposite corners and tie another knot. You'll have 4 points to gather with a ribbon or bit of string. I chose to use string to secure the knot because I wanted the recipient of the gift to be able to enjoy this vintage silk scarf. If you're using a scrap of fabric, you can also double knot and skip the ribbon.

I've used this technique with vintage scarves and scrap for years, but I have to give a shout out to Rachel at Firebird Retro for giving it a name. 

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