Lune's Crystal Ball Necklace Tutorial

Looking for to way to combine your passion for scrying with your love of accessorizing? I have the thing for you! Satisfy your gazing needs with Lune's Crystal Ball necklace. With a few inexpensive materials and a little time, you'll enjoy wearing this one all year long. Why must the magic stop now?


Clear Glass Marble
Fishing Lure
Necklace Chain
Strong (glass.metal) glue
Jewelry Pliers/Cutters
1 Jump Ring

First, dis-assemble your fishing lure. I purchased this one in a pack at the dollar store. Use your glue to adhere the glass marble to the metal reflector. Most marbles have pits and flaws, so this would be the area you'd most likely want to place in the glue. Let the two set for a few hours at room temperature to ensure it's good to go.

Once your crystal ball pendant is dry, use your jump ring to hang it on your chain. I wanted some extra length to the pendant, so I added a single white duck feather. A long chain tassel would be beautiful too.

Enjoy fortune teller!

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 Let's make magic all year long.

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