vintage style specs

I wear glasses. I've worn them since I was in elementary school. For a big part of my life I avoided being seen in them, and always wore contacts. In the past 10 years or so, I've started to like having the option to wear glasses. It's a relief that they've become such a fashion accessory. 

Warby Parker is an online eye ware company who offers gorgeous vintage inspired styles and gives back through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. My mother in law is an optician, and has been on several missions to 3rd world countries, matching donated, second hand glasses to new owners. I know how debilitating it is not to be able to see, and her stories of how life changing those glasses are really moved me. Sight is truly a gift. Warby Parker is also a carbon neutral company. Thoughtful, well designed, and very affordable. I'm proud to spread the word about Warby Parker through their try at home program.

 I choose 5 styles for the try on at home program*. Honestly, I has happy with all of them. Each was well made and felt light yet durable. I had a hard time choosing but I selected the Tenley, Bensen, Sloan, Mallory and Filmore styles. The new Hayworth collection looks great too. The glasses come with clear non prescription lenses, but the prescription glass is anti-reflective. Starting at $95 US, anyone who needs glasses will appreciate the affordable and cool selection provided by Warby Parker. Check them out, they're Lune approved!

* Try at home program is currently available to US residents only. 
This post represents Lune's participation in the Warby Parker affiliate program.