Vintage Style File : Wear A Maxi Skirt

What is a Maxi? Well, consider a "Mini" skirt to refer to a minimum amount of coverage, where as a "Maxi" skirt offers a maximum amount of length - all the way to the floor in some cases. That doesn't mean less skin equals boring. Maxi length skirts are high waisted, accentuating the thinnest part of your body, and emphasising the length of your legs. The 60's and 70's versions are commonly A line, which is such a flattering shape - it makes me love the look every time. Here are a few tips when styling a vintage maxi skirt!

This looks especially good with an A line skirt like the one above. This top is a slim open knit in a tunic length. You want to avoid bulk at the waist, so stick to thin knits. When the pattern is strong on the skirt, go with a solid color on top, or one with an interesting detail like this diagonal stripe weave. A body suit like this would be a perfect partner to any maxi.

It was common during the 60's and 70's to make most of your own wardrobe from patterns. You're more than likely to find elastic waists in this case, and it's no big deal breaker. Cover it with a belt that picks up on the pattern like the white canvas one we used, or grounds it like a slim leather one.

You don't need to be 5'7 or taller to pull off a maxi. Wear tights and a pair of clogs to give you up to 4 more inches. Clogs are casual, come close toed and even lined for fall and winter, and are easier to wear than a traditional heel ( Swedish Hasbeens make me drooooool) A heeled loafer is another great choice. And, if you prefer, a good heeled leather boot is always a great option.

Long live the statuesque maxi skirt!
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