Lunes Crochet Planter

Summertime presents the perfect opportunity to hang out on the front porch with a glass of something cool (I like sangria myself) and a simple project to bring the brightness indoors. Crochet is so desirable right now in both fashion and home decor. I'm OK with that because if there's something that anyone can find in abundance at the thrift shop, it's doilies. Here's a quick and easy project you can do in less than an hour with things you probably have around the house. Enjoy!


House plant (I used a little aloe plant)
Glass container with some sort of ridge or lip on the top, and a flat bottom
Fine Yarn
Thrifted Round Doily
Yarn/Darning needle (or needle with a large enough eye for your yarn to fit through).

Choose a round doily that is the right size to completely cover your container, but not sit past the lip of it. Most round doily's have a clearly defined center pattern. Sit your planter on it, and pull up the sides to make sure your doily is a good fit.

Thread your yarn through the darning needle, leaving it attached to the ball. Don't snip off a length, just feed the yarn through as you go along. Begin weaving your yarn in and out of the crochet holes along the edge of the doily. The closer the holes are, the better - so don't skip any! Gather and feed the yarn through as you go along. You will see your pouch start to form as the round cinches.

Once you have sewn the yarn completely around and are back to where you started, pull the cord to form the full pouch. Place your potted plant inside, adjust so all sides are even and pull the string tight. I wrapped the yarn around several times and tied in a long double bow. Feathers, beads or charms at the ends of the cord would be pretty for a bit of color too!

My moms birthday is coming up in a couple of days and I'll be giving her one of these crochet wrapped plants as part of her gift. I hope you enjoy this simple thrifty how to, and are inspired to make some of your own, and gift some to others too!

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Love Lune