Lune's Netted Stone Necklace

This post was originally published on May 16th, 2011

Last month Lune brought you  how to create a doily dreamer using a vintage doily  For May I continued on with the fiber craft theme to pick up on the growing revival of macrame in fashion. Here's Lune's how to create a Netted Stone Necklace. Enjoy!

After you've completed the basic steps for creating your Netted Stone Necklace, embelish with re-purposed chain, charms and/or feathers. Small beads would look beautiful in the net if you string them as you knot, or add tiny seed beads in the chain braid or tassle!

I hope you enjoyed Lune's this tutorial. Visit the LUNE CRAFT archives for some of our favorite past tutorials! Have you put your own spin on a Lune project? Please show me! I'd love to share your version with our readers, so send me an email at