Make a Tassel Necklace with Lune

There's probably no better time than the holidays to try your hand at a little do it yourself gift making. Don't let dwindling finances stop you from showing a little extra love towards your friends. Here's a simple accessory tutorial that could be used in many ways, and in many colors to suit your needs. 


strip of leather
chalk or white pencil
heavy duty snips or leather scissors
extra tacky glue 
clamp or elastic
thrifted chain

Cut your rectangle of leather to the size you require. Think of how long you'd like your fringe to be, and how thick of a tassel you're looking to make.  A key chain tassel would typically be thicker, and a pendant would suit a thinner one.

Mark a chalk line approx 1" from the top of your leather piece. Snip thin fringes to the line - the thinner the fringe, the fuller the tassel will be.

Snip an extra strip to use as a loop on the top of the tassel.

Apply glue evenly above the chalk line.

Start to roll your leather tightly. Roll once, insert one end of the loop piece. Roll again a couple times, and insert the other end to make a full loop. Continue to tightly roll fringe.

Secure tassel with a binder clip or a tightly wound elastic. Let dry completely before removing.

If you'd like to add extra dimension, trim some of the fringes shorter than others. String your finished tassel on a long chain and enjoy!

Using this simple technique, you can create both pendants, key chains, earnings, and charms to add to any bag or belt. Enjoy!

love Jill