DIY Notebook Jacket

That's right, it's time for a fun DIY. Fall is a great time to cozy up with a hot pumpkin spice latte and make a little something pretty. It's also a very inspirational time, and there's no better way to keep track of your thoughts, doodles and ideas than to keep a journal (or two, or three). I find myself drawn to composition notebooks, because you can get them for $1 and they're just the right size to take on the road. Here's a perfect way to keep your messy thoughts looking all pretty on the outside. It's re-usable, so no worries about scribbling, or 'wasting' pages. Now you're free to get down and dirty!

  • 1 Composition Notebook
  • 1 linen dish towel (these were often used decoratively, so can be found in un-used condition)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins

    Step 1: Wrap your dish towel around your notebook. Find the best position for the design, deciding which side will be the front.

    Step 2: Pin around the notebook, leaving 1" from the edge of the book on 3 sides. Keep tight to the spine.
    Step 3: Trim excess fabric. You will be left with a rectangle of fabric which is sandwiched over your book.

    Step 4: Fold and pin the excess 1" of fabric. Double check by laying your book on top to make sure it is the same size as the cover. Press seams.

    Step 5: Sew edges with a simple straight stitch along all 4 sides.

    Step 6: Now it's time to make pockets to hold your cover on the notebook. Use the remaining fabric from your towel. Position pocket so the original finished edge of the towel faces inward (will not be sewn).

    Step 7: Face good sides of fabric together (topside of pocket against top side of notebook cover). Pin and stitch 3 sides to your cover, leaving the 4th already finished side open.

    Step 8: Turn pockets right side out, using a pointed tool like a knitting needle or dull scissor point to poke out the corners. Insert notebooks covers into pockets.

    There you go! A re-usable journal cover you can transfer from one notebook to the other. These make great gifts (I know you don't want to think about Christmas yet) and are an excuse to buy up some of those pretty patterned towels. Let me know what you thought of this DIY. We have some exciting ones coming up this fall season that I hope you'll really enjoy!

    - much love jill