lune craft : a vintage 70's fiber flower wall hanging

 I am a huge fan of vintage 60's and 70's fiber art, whether it be macrame, woven, loomed or latch hooked. For this reason, I try to pick up macrame cord, beads and other fiber craft supplies whenever I see them at the thrift store. I figure when the impulse strikes, I'll have exactly what I need on hand to make something new with an authentic 70's vibe. That's exactly what happened this week when I decided to hold a Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Canadian Thanksgiving falls in October every year, and we have a table that will fit everyone this time around. I'm looking forward to hosting it, and guests will find this fall fiber flower art hanging in the front entrance when they arrive. Would you like to make one too? Here's how!

- size 7 clear plastic craft mesh (3 sheets)
- size 7 craft mesh yarn needle
- fluffy yarn
- macrame cord, thick jute rope
- hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
- paper or thin fabric
- wood beads (optional)
- scissors


Decide on how large your flower will be, and create a template for the petals. You may also choose to use leaves, or a variety of shapes. If alternating colors like I did in this piece, work in even numbers. Once you are satisfied with the size, shape and layout of your design, trace and cut out petals from the craft mesh. You will also need a base to secure your petals to, so cut this out as well. 

The center of your flower requires a pom-pom. I use the finger wrapping method, around four fingers 50 times was enough to make this large pom-pom. Tie it on to a small square of craft mesh so it can be shaped and glued to the center of your base later. 


1. Place a piece of fabric or paper towel under your work to absorb the glue and prevent the work surface from becoming sticky. Start by running a bead of hot glue around the perimeter of your craft mesh petal. Leaving a tail of one inch, outline the shape with your cording. 

2. Continue to work in a wrapping pattern toward the center, gluing half a round as you go. Press each row into the last, making sure you aren't leaving gaps as you go. Wrap all the way to the center, snip the cording and glue down the ends. Trim excess fabric from the underside, fold the starting tail under and glue to the back side.

3. This step is optional, but I think it adds some color interest. Using a yarn needle, stitch in a looping pattern through the craft mesh. You may find some areas that are tougher to pierce than others due to the glue, but a little wiggling and pressure will do the trick. 

4. Glue your pom-pom center to the base. 

5. Layout your design, using an underlying / overlapping method for the petals to give the wall hanging more dimension. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the underside of the petal points and press firmly into the base. Decorate with wood beads by gluing these as well once all the petals have be laid.

6. Use craft wire or yarn to make a hanging loop on the back of your wall hanging. After the glue is dried, it'll be ready to hang and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this Lune Craft. Please let me know if you make one of your own. I love seeing pictures of the tutorials I've shared, as interpreted by readers. I'd love to share them here, so send me your links and share this Lune Craft with your friends!

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